- From Penguins to Polar Bears - The Impacts of Climate Change

Aurélie NBBiography

Aurélie Lebrun du Puytison is a prolific French artist whose work is defined in the artistic medium of fine watercolors and sculpture. A graduate of “Ecole supérieure des arts appliqués Duperré” in Paris in 2004, she has exhibited her watercolor paintings in European and international exhibitions.

In 2011, she joined the Drouot quotation of modern and contemporary art. The following year, her work was selected at the International Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture in Vittel, France. In May 2013, her watercolors were exhibited at the prestigious International Watercolour Biennial in Namur, Belgium. As of February 2014, her paintings are a part of the permanent collection exhibited at the Gallery Ôin Evian les Bains, France..

Her creations are the consequence of pictorial gestures masterfully expressed in refined brush movement formed in water pigments. The subject is a pretext to convey an array of sentiment through a palette of light and colors. Her creations arediverse, from abstract, powerful and colorful watercolors of her theme “Elements naturels” (Natural elements) to airy dancers and puppets, and mysterious fairy talesof her theme “Enfance et rêves” (childhood and dreams).  Aurélie Lebrun du Puytison sees her watercolor paintings as reflective of nature's voice and hopes to alert us to the potentially irreparable changes we are causing to the beauty of nature. Polar environments are places of mystery and she portrays sensitively her fascination for these fragile and pristine environments in her stunning watercolors (see her theme “Antarctique”, Antarctica).

The exhibition,  “From Penguins to Polar Bears—The Impact of Climate Change,” is the outcome an intimate collaboration with her sister, Stephanie Jenouvrier, a scientific researcher of seabirds’ ecology at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Inspired by photographs her sister captured during her expeditions in Antarctica, Aurélie created this thematic pictorial series on endangered species in polar environments.